PARK AVENUE Residential complex

Task 3:

Conduct a complex advertising campaign.

Case 3:

The advertising campaign included following elements:


  • direct advertising in major print media in Ukraine;

  • participation in thematic events;

  • conceptual outdoor advertising;

  • glossy corporate magazine.


For advertisement placement just exclusively premium business magazines were chosen.

Advertising of PARK AVENUE was presented in the first edition of Forbes Ukraine (April, 2011). In October 2010, a three-dimensional advertising of PARK AVENUE appeared in the Correspondent magazine and became the first Ukrainian 3D-advertising of real estate in the press. For embodiment of such a non-standard idea in Ukraine WIN WIN advertising agency has spent less than a month. Each copy of the magazine with 3D-advertising was provided with stereo glasses. To ensure the campaign it was ordered more than 100 000 pairs of glasses. The idea of such advertisements perfectly highlighted the status of Seven Hills international development group of companies - to be the best and the first of its kind!

In addition, three-dimensional layout was the best for a construction company - every reader of the magazine was able to look at a residential complex in 3D. The advertising campaign had broad resonance and an immediate impact on the number of sales in PARK AVENUE.

Thus, after its appearance on the market WIN WIN advertising agency announced itself as an innovator. 3D estate advertising has become a new contribution to the development of advertising industry in Ukraine.

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