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To develop an advertising campaign for the company, which provides two-way satellite Internet.


The main advantage of the product is that satellite Internet does not require cable and can be installed in places remote from civilization.

In addition, one of the objectives was to break the strong opinion that a satellite dish is used only for television services.

The task of the agency was to popularize this advantage and change mass opinion that the satellite is used exclusively for the reception of TV-signal. The solution had become an advertising campaign in the press "Where there is no civilization." A series of images of satellite Internet in remote places. Slogan "connect to the Internet via satellite" was well illustrated by a series of images. Special image - Santa in Lapland country on New Years Eve.

Advertising campaign "Internet in your plate." Non-standard for the general public usage of the Internet satellite dish. Sign @ is added specifically to create association between satellite and the Internet. A series of amusing slogans that attract attention: "Internet in your plate", "Internet in a plate bordered with blue," "Do not look into someone else's plate - buy your own!".

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