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Our mission is to develop the best creative events and communications, bringing together happy professionals who love what they do. It is all about creating things in a peaceful environment, following the principle of harmony between creativity and efficiency, sticking to the principles of ethicality, social responsibility and ecological compatibility and using extensively the freshest and most innovative and ground breaking technologies.

We use the most advanced technologies in the sphere of creative communications, advertising, events, PR, marketing, digital, SMM to increase sales of our clients, raise income of their projects and to boost loyalty of their customers.

Our philosophy

 We are the best!

We create the best artistic and creative projects, events and communications due to our professionalism, experience, love for our job, our cohesive and solid team and aspiration to work for the client’s good. We make our clients happy inasmuch as we offer them only creative and efficient decisions and optimize their time and resources.

 Love for the job

Every AVera’s employee does his/her favourite job and realizes his/her innate potential being involved in the project. We put our heart in what we create, that is why with the help of AVera’s creative communications our clients always achieve the highest goals and firmly take the leading positions in their segment

 Happy clients

The key point of our work is the creation of out of the box communications and organization of happy events. Every employee is happy in that he/she gets satisfaction out of doing the favourite job and then we gladly share this happiness with our Clients. Our clients are happy because working with AVera is easy, creative, fruitful and effective.

 Peace and harmony

We work in a peaceful environment and we constantly pay much attention to supporting it since friendly milieu is conducive to revealing everyone’s artistic potential and creating efficient and creative communications. Building peaceful relations based on mutual respect and understanding with our clients and partners constitutes our prerogative.

 Harmony of effectiveness and creativity!

The main purpose of the agency is the creation of efficient and creative communications. Even at the stage of developing an idea we can assess its efficiency and practicability. We tend to carry out realization of efficient and functioning ideas because we respect our client’s time and resources as much as our own.


The story of the Agency of Creative Communications AVera started on June 27, 2006 with the creation of the Event Agency – Event Design, which would later grow into the full-service agency – Win Win Group. Having brought to life the first real estate 3d – advertisement in the history of the Ukrainian Mass Media (2010) and an exclusive presentation of the sole and unique Ukrainian platform Dinner in the Sky, the company rightly got the reputation of a groundbreaker.

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